1:1 money COACHING sessions

Are you struggling to overcome the next hurdle on your financial journey? That’s where our money coach can help.

Here’s what you can expect

Getting in the driving seat of your finances can be overwhelming. But our 1:1 money coaching sessions provide a non-judgemental space that empowers you into the next phase of your financial journey.

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1:1 session

Through video calls with Zoë, our Financial Expert and Money Coach, you will discuss your current financial position and future goals.


You will talk through the financial obstacles in your way and overcome any problems you may have faced along your journey.


You’ll discuss your goals and how to hit them, ultimately launching your path towards financial success.

if financial freedom is the goal, concrete planning is essential

how it works

Pick your package and select the best day and time for your schedule
Fill out a questionnaire 48 hours prior to the call to help our money coach prep
Have your session coaching session with Zoe on Google Meet
Take the steps discussed to achieve your financial goals

get inspired or choose your own topic

Make your first investment
Learn how to budget
Retirement planning
... another topic of your choice

READ WHAT OTHERS have to say

Judgment free space

"The encouragement to keep going, even if I think that I should have started earlier, I should have known more etc. There was no judgment, just looking forward and focusing on that. I liked that a lot. "


Excited to get started

"Thanks so much for your time today, I really enjoyed our chat! The notes I received are great and I'm excited to finally be able to get started"


Making finances accessible

"(I particularly liked) Making the discussion accessible and personal, looking for specific elements to help me, and not general information"


Encouragement when needed

"It was very nice and inspiring to talk to Zoe. I am thankful for all the information and encouragement."


Just what I needed!

"Thank you so much for your time. It was a breath of fresh air- just what I needed."


Such an amazing platform!

I used to be terrified of facing my finances, but Female Invest has taken away my fears, and created a platform that has inspired, equipped and empowered me on my journey to financial literacy and freedom. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take control and stay on top of their finances


You not only learn, you join an amazing community!

Besides the fact that Female Invest taught me about the investing world, it made me feel like I belong to a community of (mostly) females that want to make a change- and that's inspiring. If you feel like you're one of us, join quickly.


Female Invest is a phenomenal platform

The information is thorough and presented in videos or articles that hold your attention and are digestible. The structure of the courses makes them fun. I also love the idea of a platform that is specifically for closing the investment/wealth gap. Highly recommend!


Emma Watson wants a copy of our book as well as thousands of other women

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1 session
1 x 45 minute call
Guidance from our expert
A judgement free space
An actionable roadmap
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2 sessions
2 x 45 minute call
Guidance from our expert
A judgement free space
Check back in on your goals
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Disclaimer: Female Invest ApS does not have license from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the UK Financial Conduct Authority or any other financial authorities. The offered money coaching services are not for the purpose of acting as your personal investment advisor or financial advisor. You should seek a licensed investment advisor or financial advisor if you are looking for personalised advice. Please click here to access Female Invest ApS’ Terms of Service.

still got questions ?

How does money coaching work?

Money coaching is all about working through the obstacles in your financial path to ensure that you can hit your goals. With your money coach here at Female Invest you’ll have a 1:1 session on google meet to gain a clear oversight of where your finances are currently at and find workable solutions to get you on the road to hitting your financial goals.  And if you don’t know what they are yet, don’t panic, we can help with that too! 

You’ll get the option to book one session, two or include further sessions in future. You will then choose a time that works best for you and your money coach through a simple diary system. 

Money coaching is all about getting your and your finances to where they need to be. Unlike other types of financial advice, we won’t offer or recommend any specific products or investment, but we will help to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to pick the best options for you.

What topics do we cover?

When you book your session, you can choose a topic that you wish to talk through. So whether it’s budgeting, investing, pondering your pensions or an entirely different financial matter, you can talk it through with our money coach. 

And it’s all about you, so no matter how small or big the question is, come armed and ready to ask, as we’re here to help!

Is a money coach for me?

Money coaching is all about helping you to hit the goals that you want to achieve. So if you’re struggling to find the answers to those big financial questions or maybe need a helping hand to formulate a plan to take the first, or next, steps on your investing journey, then money coaching is for you. 

Still have a question? Talk to us!

Still a bit perplexed? Drop us a message at support@femaleinvest.com and we can help answer any further questions that you may have!

We are committed to educating and empowering women to take control of their finances and to live life on their own terms.