Our mission

As Northern Europe’s largest financial educator for women, we aspire to eliminate financial inequality between the genders.  We do this by empowering women to take charge of their money providing them education on investing and personal finances.

Our key drivers

Meet the team

Built by women like you

Emma Due Bitz
Managing Partner

Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen

Camilla Falkenberg

Nina Jensen
Content writer

Julie Stenstrøm
graphic designer

Alana Keogh
Graphic designer

Our members say 

Meet Amanda & Jennet


Amanda, age 27 

“So for me stepping into this network of women that empower each other to take control of their finances and therefore their future has been a super confidence boost for me.”

Jennet, age 25

“…But there is no platform like this that really gives you this information in such an easy way. And it really makes investing an approachable and easy thing – and a lot of fun too.”

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