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Female Invest crowdfunding is breaking records, french stocks drop, and S&P 500 sets new record

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The biggest crowdfunding ever

Today, we are making history at Female Invest! When the clock strikes 11 am, our members will have the opportunity to invest in us and own a part of Female Invest, enjoying the same privileges as our institutional investors. This is the first crowdfunding campaign in our company's history, and it has already broken records we never dared to dream of! With more than 13,000 pre-registrations, we are the most popular crowdfunding campaign ever on the trading platform Seedrs, and never before have so many women signed up for a crowdfunding campaign.

French stocks are bleeding 

Shares are dropping, and interest rates are rising following President Macron's call for an election later in June, which has sparked fears of populist politicians and unfunded promises of tax cuts and welfare. The market is concerned as France, one of Europe's largest economies, is already struggling with high public debt exceeding 100 percent of the country's GDP. Investors fear a scenario similar to what hit England in 2022, with large unfunded tax cuts. Since Macron announced the parliamentary elections, the French elite index CAC40 has fallen by 9 percent, while banks such as Société Générale have dropped by up to 17 percent.

S&P 500 Hits 30th Record of 2024 

Monday saw yet another all-time high in the US market, with the benchmark S&P 500 index setting a new record, reaching its highest level ever. The index rose by 0.7 percent. This marks the 30th time this year that the S&P 500 index has set a record in 2024, largely due to a rally in several large technology companies.

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Nina Dahl