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Apple subtly raises their prices and US inflation could send shockwaves through markets

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US inflation could make markets jittery

The US CPI (Consumer Price Index) data is set to be released later today, which will show their inflation figures for August. Most are anticipating this to creep up, from around 3.2% to 3.6%. This increase is far from what central banks and markets would want, as many months of interest rate hikes that have been designed to curb inflation, may need to make an undesired return. The rise in oil prices is mostly behind the potential inflation increase and may further the likelihood of an interest rate rise by both the Federal Reserve in the USA and the European Central Bank later next week. 

Birkenstock to join the IPO hype

Shoemaker Birkenstock filed their intentions to list on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday, adding to the hype of the Arm IPO which was set to trigger a wave of companies going public. The German footwear company Birkenstock could have a valuation near the $8 billion mark, as they’ve expanded beyond their initial sandal design and become an iconic design for all ages. Revenues were only boosted further by the Barbie movie, which heavily featured the footwear and may set them up for a healthy start to life on the stock market. 

Apple sneaks in a price increase

Apple subtly raised the prices of just their top end model yesterday, treading the fine line between keeping prices, and profits, in line with inflation whilst keeping customers happy. Their lower end phones haven’t changed in price, which may cause some to entirely overlook this undoubtedly unpopular change. The top end phones however will be bigger and better, jam packed with more features which may cleverly nudge customers naturally towards the more expensive models. It may also keep those all important shareholders happy when revenues and profits announcements are made in a few months time. 

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Zoe Burt