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How to Set Up an ISA

September 27, 2023 5:00 PM

How to set up an ISA

Getting excited about investing is great, but then actually applying it to real life.. that’s a whole other step. Fear not, were here to help guide you through how to ACTUALLY set an ISA up. From the details you need to a step by step guidance, we’ve partnered with InvestEngine to show you how to set up an ISA on their account, to make this step just that little bit less daunting.

  • What you need to set up an ISA
  • How to go through the process
  • Step by step of opening an ISA on InvestEngine platform

Webinar host:

This webinar is hosted by Lærke Engelbrekt, who is our Community Lead and one of our in-house webinar hosts here at Female Invest. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and guidance with you.

Disclaimer: This webinar is sponsored by the trading platform InvestEngine. We do want to emphasize that choosing a trading platform is an individual choice.

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Lærke Engelbrekt

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