'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds’ is More Than a Finance Guide - It’s an Uplifting Manifesto for Women

Three years after bonding over their shared frustration around the financial world, the book they dreamed of writing is falling into the hands of women worldwide

Maria Collinge
July 5, 2023
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is a book at the forefront of positive change for women, giving them the confidence they deserve to start investing (Photo: Female Invest)
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The reality is that many women are deprived of the tools to grow their wealth, due to the lack of accessible knowledge floating around the mainstream. This is what co-founders Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Emma Due Bitz and Camilla Falkenberg formed a bond over three years ago. Since that lightbulb moment, they’ve committed their lives to empowering women globally to begin investing, deciphering through the jargon and building easy-to-follow guidance for women from all walks of life.

Now it’s their own knowledge which is hitting the mainstream and making its mark with thousands of women who crave one simple thing – the confidence to begin investing and the choice and freedom that comes from taking the plunge. Managing personal finances and investing shouldn’t be difficult or exclusionary, and their new manifesto Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is proving it really doesn’t have to be.

What is Girls Just Wanna Have Funds?

The premise is simple. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is an empowering manifesto which sets out to change the financial tides of power through easy and actionable steps to get started investing. And the message is open, honest and straight down the middle: you don’t need to be an expert or millionaire to get started. More importantly, Emma, Anna and Camilla show you how to do it.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is an empowering manifesto which sets out to change the financial tides of power through easy and actionable steps to get started investing (Image: Female Invest)

Co-author Camilla Falkenberg said: “Women are interested in investing - they just don’t feel included in the financial world as it is today. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower women and write an uplifting guide we wish we had when we started investing.”

Whether you want to master the art of setting realistic goals, demystify the financial jargon, gain independence with a F*** You Fund, or finally get excited about your financial future, there’s no question that you’ll find it all packed in this bold, unapologetic and comprehensive guide. “This book is a symbol of rebellion” said co-author Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen. “Rebelling against the idea that women can't handle money, and that we don't want to learn about it.”

The story behind Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Have you noticed the financial books are dominated by men? Have you noticed that all the advice out there is unnecessarily overcomplicated and riddled with complex jargon? That’s when Anna, Emma and Camilla decided to do something about it and started building their e-learning platform which has helped 93,000+ plus women in 89+ countries go back to the basics on investing, all with the dream of someday writing a book off the back of everything they’d learnt.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is jam packed with empowering reflections and interviews with women from all walks of life on their journey towards financial freedom (Image: Female Invest)

“It was two years into building the global movement in and feeling 100% confident in our teachings that we decided to write the book we’d been envisaging for years” said co-author Emma Due Bitz. Since 2022, the trio have worked tirelessly day and night writing the book that would eventually shake up the world of financial literature.

Emma added: “There were times where we felt overwhelmed with the workload. Building a business whilst writing a book was extremely tough to juggle. But we were so determined to get this guide into women’s hands - that’s what kept us going”.

By summer 2022, the book was written. By October 2022, the book was on presale. Now the book is falling into the hands of thousands of women worldwide. Including women and marginalized voices in the conversation about money is long overdue. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds ready to set the path for long-lasting change.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is proving finance doesn’t have to be exclusionary.

6 golden rules

It’s easy to get turned off by the financial lingo. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds does the exact opposite through concrete and actionable advice in 6 easy-to-understand chapters, from reprogramming your money mindset to hitting ‘buy’ on your first investment.

Candid reflections

But Girls Just Wanna Have Funds goes beyond just practical guidance and tools to make your money flourish. It is jam packed with empowering reflections and interviews with women from all walks of life on their journey towards financial freedom. Setting your financial goals and striving towards them can feel like an isolating experience, but the stories shared in this candid book give readers a 360 degree view of women’s experiences with investing – from the good, the bad and everything in between. There’s something about forming connections and resonating with women’s stories, and there’s plenty of them in this book.

You can purchase a hard copy or the Kindle version from Amazon and it can be found across WHSmith stores across the UK (Image: Female Invest)

What our readers have to say

The book has taken off by storm, and has been met with a flurry of positive feedback from women who are empowered to take financial matters into their own hands. Emma Watson has even received her own copy of the manifesto.

One person said: “As a woman who is a novice when it comes to all things financial I feel empowered for 2023! Fingers crossed I can put it into practice!”. Another added that “I just wish I had this book sooner! I have been so excited about it since the minute I heard it was being published. It is so accessible, beautifully put together, well thought out, easy to dip into, full of excellent tips and explanations. It’s exactly what’s been missing from our shelves.”

Where can I buy Girls Just Wanna Have Funds?

You can purchase a hard copy or the Kindle version from Amazon, and can be found in WHSmith stores across the UK.

  • Ranked #24 out of 30 million books on Amazon
  • Number 1 on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list
  • Number 1 in Personal Finance & Investing
  • Number 1 in Pensions
  • Number 1 in Professional Investment in Stocks
The founders took the stage in London to celebrate the launch of their new book alongside an empowered community of women on a mission to close the financial gender gap (Photo: Alex Tenters)

About the authors

Camilla Falkenberg, Emma Due Bitz, and Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen are the founders of Female Invest, a global financial educator targeting women. Through their financial learning and community business, which has members in 95+ countries, they educate women on personal finance and investing with a mission to close the financial gender gap.

More than 95,000 women have taken their courses, and they are listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list within finance. They have also won the worlds' largest startup competition and authored the Danish bestseller Ready, Set, Invest. In 2021, they joined Y Combinator and they have found global fame with their work, featuring in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and many others.


We are committed to educating and empowering women to take control of their finances and to live life on their own terms.