Five Good Habits That Get You Out Of Debt 

Is it possible to live a life without any debt without having to miss out on all the fun things in life? 
My answer is yes, of course you can live an amazing, fulfilling life without debt. It is first and foremost about mindset and habits. How did I even find myself living without debt?
I have lived a fairly ordinary life: worked as an average earning journalist, bought dresses and cocktails and traveled a couple of times a year. Today I am alone with two children, who I pay for myself.
Living without debt has made a big difference for me because I have been able to make some courageous choices in life: I've been able to have two children all by myself (using fertility treatment and a donor), and I've been able to work as a freelancer (with all the uncertainty that comes with that) even though I have small children.
How did I succeed? The big difference is attitude. Here are some of the habits that debt-free people have and that keep debt away and money at in the bank. Maybe some of them can help you? 
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