How to Choose a Trading Platform in Germany

It's not always an easy find, but it's a crucial decision paving the way for a successful investing journey

Zoe Burt
May 22, 2023
(Photo: Keren Levand/Unsplash)
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If you’re thinking about starting your investing journey, you’re going to need to find somewhere to buy, sell and store these investments. For most of us globally, this will be through a trading platform

Specifically in Germany, you’ll need to find a place to trade and hold investments that’s compatible with being a German resident. Some of these will be only in German language, whilst others may be more international and have options in English as well as other languages. 

In Germany, there are lots of different trading platforms out there with varying features. In reality, what’s right for you, might not be right for your friend, colleague or partner, as it’s likely that you’ll have different budgets and investing experience. It’s all about knowing how to choose the best trading platform for you. So let’s dive right into some of the main options available to those living in Germany. 

Please note! We don’t receive any payment from any of the trading platforms below and the order that they’re shown in don’t denote any preference or recommendation, these are just some of the big names to help give you some pointers of what’s out there. We would always suggest that you do further research to find the right one for you!

(Photo: Dylan Calluy/Unsplash)

Big trading platforms in Germany

1. Degiro Flatex

This is a trading platform that was originally set up in the Netherlands but now firmly has roots, and a considerable amount of users, in Germany after a merger with the German trading platform Flatex. 

It has claimed its space by being particularly low cost, with a broad access to a range of stocks in Germany, US and other regions. Some find the user experience a little technical but most appreciate the app-based functions. 

2. Interactive Brokers

Having started in the USA, it has become a big name globally when looking for a trading platform. It has a huge range of investments on offer, boasting over 10,000 stocks from different markets. 

So if you’re a complete beginner needing some filters, you might want to go elsewhere. Wanting the investment world to be at your fingertips? This could be the one for you! 

3. Trade Republic

Born in Germany itself, trading platform Trade Republic has already paved its global expansion with its target market firmly sitting in those that are looking for a user-friendly, low cost option. 

One huge part of their branding is that they’re transparent with fees. So if this is something that you’re looking out for, then this could be the answer for you.  They have a whole bunch of stocks, ETFs and more complex financial instruments available such as CFDs, as well as the option to earn interest on any cash left in your account. 

4. Consorsbank

Consorsbank is a trading platform offered by BNP Paribas and great for anyone who speaks German. With over 400 ETFs and 5000 stocks, there’s another huge range on offer, with the backing and regulation of a household name. This does bring it in and the pricier end, but offers both desktop and app solutions with strong reviews. 

Only you can know what the best platform is for you.

5. Comdirect

This trading platform will be a household name for many Germans as Comdirect was once the largest investment bank of its type. Having now been integrated by Commerzbank, this is another trading platform with a big name backing it up. 

It has a long track record having been around since 1994, but with such a big range and complex investments available it doesn’t always get the best reviews for absolute beginners out there. 

6. Lightyear

Moving further across the continent, trading platform Lightyear was set up in the up and coming fintech hub of Estonia, available across many European countries and perfect for anyone that moves countries regularly.

It’s app-only and offers a more limited amount of investments than some of the other choices on the list, which can make it ideal for beginners who are wanting to cut out some of the endless choice, investment jargon and complexity around investing. 

7. eToro

Many claim that trading platform eToro is the most popular broker in Germany, which is perhaps owing to the low fees and the ability to use their community function to follow other peoples’ portfolios. 

Whilst this trading platform only allows you to trade in dollars, there’s a large range of US as well as other international stocks and relatively low costs to trading. For those wanting a more American, stock based take on their investing, eToro could be the answer. 

(Photo: Tetiana SHYSHKINA/Unsplash)

8. Saxo Bank

Last but not least, is Saxo Bank’s own trading platform. It’s another big bank option, but this time from a Danish based bank. As Female Invest has its roots firmly in Denmark, we thought it would be amiss to not include this reliable trading platform on our list! 

It has its own backing and reputation, like the other banks, but a huge range of complex financial instruments alongside thousands of stocks, ETFs and funds can put some off, especially when starting out. 

The bottom line

So there you have it, some of the biggest trading platforms that are available in Germany. As you can see there is a whole range, varying in costs, investments available and how they’re run. If you want an app, make sure you find a trading platform with one. If you’re on a low budget, choose accordingly. And don’t forget, that whatever you choose, there are usually options down the line to make a change should you ever want to, just make sure that you check that your trading platform permits it before taking the plunge.