Ten phrases that make you richer

Notice what the voices inside your head say.
For what they say, becomes your truth.
If you go around saying to yourself that money is something bad or that you don't understand it, then it becomes really hard for you to attract wealth.
Your life is created by the influence of your childhood. Maybe your father's, maybe your mother's or maybe an old class teacher's teachings (or lack of).
What do your voices say?
That rich people are greedy? That people with shares are capitalists? That money is the root of all evil?
Whatever it is, you need to do a thorough mental cleanse, because the statements affect you more than you know.
But no stress. You can simply decide to change the statements.
Here you will get an insight into ten of the phrases that I have decided to use.
Maybe you can also start using some of them:

1. Money is like energy

Money is not actually the root of anything. You might decide to buy diamonds and motorcycles, or you could choose to donate everything to the cat home. The money does as you command.
Money is simply a way to exchange goods and service. Money has no intention per se and no value in itself. How you spend your money (or don't spend it) is crucial.
It's a bit like energy. If you're full of energy, you can do more things. If your battery is empty, you can do less. That's why it's great to have more money. But what matters now is how you activate the energy that you now have. Or how you spend the money (and how you invest the money) that you now have.

2. My money works for me

Do you work for your money? Or does it work for you?
As Warren Buffet once said about investing: "Someone´s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."
That quote inspired me, as so many of us live day-to-day and fail to create something for the future. 
We get a fine education, a good job and believe that this is the way to security and prosperity. But in reality, we make a living selling our time for money. And that way, we're always stuck on the hamster wheel.
Rich people are not rich because they have money. Rich people are rich because they have assets.
In other words, they are rich because they can get money to work for them, so they instead don't have to work for their money.
What are assets? Assets are something that makes money for you. For example, it may be stocks, property, savings with interest, bonds or a company. The reverse is liabilities, and liabilities cost you money. For example, it may be a consumer loan, a car or a house (and yes, I mean a house – it's not a mistake. You probably have a loan attached to the house, and even if you haven't, the house still sucks money out of your finances in the form of taxes, maintenance, heating, water and many other expenses).
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3. I am enough

Many people overconsume because they don't feel good enough.
They may buy expensive clothes in preparation for a party because they feel insecure about themselves. They may always bring nice gifts for dinner because they don't feel it's enough that they're just there.
Maybe they buy new toys for their children because there is something that gnaws in the soul, like a mouse that eats a little of the self-confidence as a parent. Am I good enough now? Am I enough?
The phrase "I am enough" can remove some of the fundamental uncertainty that many are being plagued by. The doubt that we are good enough is a kind of folk disease in line with stress. The phrase "I am enough" can give you the strength not to overspend and manage your finances better, because it is not a hole in your soul that controls your finances.

4. I am financially independent

Maybe you are not yet, but say it anyway, because you give your mind a command. You show it in which direction you want to control your life.
When a racing driver takes off on the track, they are not allowed to look at what they are afraid to crash into. That's why you need to tell yourself right now that you're what you want to be.
Aim for the goal – instead of focusing on what can go wrong. Give your mind the commands as if the target is already within reaching distance.

5. I create wealth for future generations

It is excellent to want to be financially independent and safe for the rest of your life. But for me, it motivates me when I remind myself that I am doing this for my children and for the future children of my children. When I say the phrase "I create wealth" I feel a certain pleasure, but if I extend it by "for the future generations", I feel a special rush of happiness. There's a bigger purpose to the whole thing.
The phrase "I create wealth for generations" gives the objective of saving and investing a completely different dimension, and a strength of raw power, because it reminds me that it is about something else than just me. It is also a good phrase to have when you are facing a big decision. Should these be determined by the now, or for times to come? A holiday next month, or a course of investment that can provide a lot of opportunities for much more than vacation later on? In my eyes, the answer is in investing in the future. 

6. There is enough, and there will always be enough

Part of our brain reacts instinctively, like a lizard. We see dangers all over the place and then the hormones run loose. Money is often linked to survival. If something happens, for example, something negative, your brain tells you “you can't do that”.  So if your stocks suddenly fall in value, it's easy to panic and think it's all going wrong and everything is out of your control.
But just a second. Take it easy. I want you to know that there's enough so you don't react like a panicked lizard as soon as a share price falls. You can do this by continuing to repeat the phrase "There is enough and there will always be enough."
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7. My money makes the world a better place

I invest according to my beliefs and values. That is why I can calmly say that my money leaves a good impression on the world.
What does it mean to invest according to personal values? This means that if the environment is important to you, for example, then you can invest in companies that look after the environment and maybe even in companies with a technology that can help innovate solutions to the climate crisis.
Basically, you avoid anything you can't vouch for personally. It may also be that equality is important to you, so then you can invest in companies that have a fair representation of women in management and on the board.

8. I earn more than I use

A lot of people let the money run free instead of managing the money. One month of overspending rolls into the next, and the debt grows bigger. But not for you. You are determined to spend less than you earn and thus put money aside, which can either pay off the debt or create a savings. It is with this step that the journey begins.

9. What I give out comes back multiplied

I think about what I send out into the world. And then I send it out with confidence that it will come back with even more.
Very often, things of long-term value cost. When you invest, you send something out into the universe that you expect to return with more. For example, buying an investment course, paying for an expensive domain for your business or building a website. It could also be spending time helping another people, or perhaps just sending out a smile to a stranger at the checkout. Remember, what you send out is coming back to you.

10. I attract money and opportunities from unexpected places

This sentence opens my thoughts in new directions. It is a command to look for new sources of income. This could be renting out the apartment via airbnb while the family is on vacation, giving a lecture when visiting a certain place or setting up a new business.
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