Terms & Conditions

Female Invest IVS
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1719 Copenhagen V
P: +45 4074 1410
M: Hello@femaleinvest.dk
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In general
Female Invest IVS provides a subscription based online service at https://www.femaleinvest.dk. The terms apply between the individual user and Female Invest IVS.

These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to agreements between Female Invest IVS and one natural person (hereinafter the “User”) regarding the Service. Only persons 18 years of age or older may enter into an agreement with Female Invest IVS regarding the Service.

These Terms together constitute the agreement in force between the User and Female Invest IVS.

In order to access the Service, the User must read and accept the terms of trade.

Scope of Service
The service gives the User access to Female Invest IVS’s services determined upon ordering.

Access to the service
To access the Service, the user must register a user account on the portal.

Registration and user access
The user is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct at the time of registration. Upon registration, the User may only provide information regarding own payment and credit cards.

When registering, the User must enter a username and password (hereafter “Login Information”). User Login Information is personal and may not be used by others unless otherwise stated on the product.

The user must keep the Login Information in a secure place so that others cannot gain unauthorized access to it. The user is responsible for all use of his user account.

If the User suspects unlawful use of the User Login Information, the User must immediately notify Female Invest IVS and change his password.

Fees and Payment
Fees for use of the Service must be paid in accordance with the current price list available on the Website.

Payment for the subscription is made in advance each month.

The user must make payment for the subscription through the payment methods offered by Female Invest IVS on the website. The user undertakes to sign the required documents and to have sufficient funds available for payment by the chosen means of payment at each payment date.

Adaptations and changes
Female Invest IVS reserves the right to change the fee and other terms of service. The change must be notified to the User at least thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. In the event of such changes, the User is entitled to cancel the subscription with effect from the date the change takes effect. If the User does not cancel the subscription before the change takes effect, it must be considered as acceptance of the change. Changes that are manifestly in favor of the User apply immediately without notice to the User.

Termination of the Service may take place at the end of the 1 month payment period from the last payment. To terminate your agreement you must use the link provided on the front page, or contact Female Invest IVS via hello@femaleinvest.dk

Female Invest IVS receives online payments with Visa / Dankort, Mastercard, Mobilepay Online.

Payment will only be charged to your account when the physical item is shipped or the virtual product is created unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order.

All amounts on the website include VAT.
The website uses the following currencies for pricing:
Denmark – Kroner (DKK)

Female Invest IVS uses a secure payment server that encrypts all information with SSL protocol which means your data is secure and cannot be read by other outsiders.

Female Invest IVS’s own website also uses SSL protocol encryption.

Cancellation (For Eventtickets and Physical products only)
14 days full right of return is given on goods purchased on the website unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order.

The 14 day period starts the day the order is delivered.

Any return costs you incur yourself.

Request for cancellation must be notified to us no later than 14 days after delivery and reach us no later than 14 days after we have been informed of your use of the cancellation right.

Request for use of the right of withdrawal must be sent to email hello@femaleinvest.dk. The notice should clearly indicate your desire to use the right of withdrawal.

There is a 2-year warranty on products in accordance with the Danish Purchase Act. The right of complaint applies to all errors in software, material and fabrication.

Complaint regarding errors and deficiencies must be communicated to Female Invest IVS in reasonable time upon receipt of the goods. Here, max. two months as a reasonable time, unless otherwise agreed. We refund reasonable shipping costs.

The complaint is waived by improper or unusual operation of the product.

Female Invest IVS covers return costs reasonably.

Upon return, contact the company:

Female Invest IVS
Krusågade 24,
1719 Copenhagen V
P: +45 4074 1410

Complaints are not received if these are sent in demand.

Customer & Privacy Policy
We do not resell personal information and do not disclose your personal information to others, they are only registered in our customer directory. You can delete your information at any time.

In order to enter into an agreement with Female Invest IVS, we need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

We register your personal data for the purpose of delivering the goods to you.

The personal data is registered with Female Invest IVS and stored for up to five years, after which the information is deleted.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens when you give your explicit consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

The Director and employees of Female Invest IVS have access to the information recorded about you.

The Female Invest IVS data controller is: Emma Due Bitz

We do not store and transmit customer information encrypted.

As registered with Female Invest IVS, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is recorded about you. You have these rights under the Danish Data Protection Act and in connection with this, please contact data@femaleinvest.dk

At https://www.femaleinvest.dk, cookies are used to optimize the website and its functionality, thus making the visit as easy as possible for you.

You can delete cookies from your computer at any time. See how to delete your cookies on Webshop Cookies and Privacy Policy

We use a log statistic at https://www.femaleinvest.dk, which means that a statistics system collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have, where they come from and where on the site. it is abandoned etc.

The log statistics are used only for the purpose of optimizing the Female Invest IVS website.

Complaints about products can be sent to:

The Competition and Consumer Authority
Carl Jacobsens Road 35
2500 Valby

For EU citizens outside the EU, complaints must be sent via the EU Commission’s online complaint platform.

In the event of a complaint, our email address must be stated: data@femaleinvest.dk and the website on which you purchased the item.