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Savings are the money you set aside from your income and don't spend immediately

What are savings?

Savings are the money you set aside from your income and don't spend immediately. It's like a financial safety net that you build for the future. Saving is important because it helps you achieve your goals, deal with unexpected expenses, and create financial stability. By understanding the concept of savings, you can make smart choices about budgeting, investing, and building wealth.

Key takeaways

- Savings are the money you keep aside from your income instead of spending it all.
- They act as a safety net and help you achieve financial goals and handle unexpected expenses.
- Consistently saving a portion of your income can lead to long-term financial security and flexibility.

Understanding savings

Imagine your savings as your secret stash of money that you can tap into when you need it most. It's like collecting little drops of water in a piggy bank. Each time you save, you're adding to your piggy bank and growing your financial resources. Savings can be stored in a regular savings account, a fixed deposit, or invested to earn more returns over time.

Savings in the real world

Let's say you earn £500 from a part-time job. Instead of spending it all on shopping or going out, you decide to save £100 each month. After a year, you will have saved £1,200. These savings can be used for emergencies like unexpected medical bills, or you can use them to achieve your goals, such as buying a new laptop or going on a trip.

Why are savings important?

Savings are a crucial part of your financial journey. By consistently setting aside a portion of your income, you create a safety net and build a foundation for your financial future. Whether it's for emergencies, achieving goals, or gaining financial independence, savings give you the power to take control of your money. Start small, be consistent, and watch your savings grow over time. Remember, every penny saved is a step towards financial security and the ability to pursue your dreams.