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We bring together our empowered community together through online and in-person events. By bringing likeminded people under one roof, we provide a safe space to make friends, share knowledge and smash the taboos surrounding money.

“Whatever you are not trying to change, you are choosing. Read that again.”


We discuss female empowerment in a light, open and honest space of over 200,000 people. From engaging with the challenges facing women, to daily bursts of empowerment, we're there with you every single day

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Your questions answered

What does a membership include?

Female Invest is a universe for financial learning and a community consisting of thousands of women. Our learning materials cover a wide range of content within investing, personal finance and financial wellbeing.

What is included?

A membership at Female Invest gives you access to:

  • Our financial learning platform, consisting of in-depth courses, articles, and learning videos about investing, personal finance and financial wellbeing.

  • Our weekly webinars with experts on a wide range of topics and our weekly market updates. Available both live and on-demand.

  • A broad selection of practical worksheets to help you get an overview of your finances, savings, and investment portfolio.

  • Our online Community where you can ask our experts questions and meet and share knowledge with empowered and likeminded women.

  • Live Q&As where you can ask questions directly to our experts at Female Invest.

  • Invitations to our physical events and other member benefits such as discounts on selected events, Money Coach sessions and so much more.

Our learning material concerning investments, personal finance and financial well-being consists of online courses, in-depth articles, quizzes and other materials, you can download.

Is the membership for me?

Yes. Female Invest welcomes anyone and everyone from all walks of life to transform their financial futures. Whether you’re new to investing or an expert, we definitely have something for you.

I’m a man. Can I join?

Yes of course. Female Invest is not a women only community. We simply target women as the facts indicate that they fall financially behind men.

How much does a membership cost?

At Female Invest, we offer two types of membership:

1. A monthly membership which costs  £9.50 per month
2. A annual membership which costs £99.00 per year

Please note that all our memberships will be renewed automatically, if not cancelled before the renewal date.

You can cancel your membership at any time and you will still have full access to our content until the expiration date. You are able to read more about our Terms of Service here.

Should I choose the Danish, British or Global membership?

We use your selected region to tailor your user experience and support different currencies, languages and regions and provide more localised content. You can always change your content region in your profile settings.

🇩🇰 If you choose the Danish membership, you will have access to all our Danish content and automatically be assigned to DK-specific groups in our community. This membership is relevant when you are a Danish citizen, as it is specified to Danish trading platforms, SKAT, Danish pension law etc.

🇬🇧 If you choose the British membership, you will have access to all content in English and automatically be assigned to UK-specific groups in our community. This membership contains specific content for UK citizens such as ISAs, UK trading platforms, and UK pension and tax laws.

🌎 If you choose the Global membership, you’ll have access to all content in English and automatically be assigned to Global-specific groups in our community. This membership contains more general content around investing, personal finance and financial wellbeing and is suitable for those who live in neither Denmark nor the UK.

If you are still unsure which membership you should choose, please contact us at [email protected].

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your Female Invest membership at any time. The cancellation takes effect at the end of the current membership period.

Please note that we do not offer refunds, when you cancel your membership in the middle of a period, as you will still have full access to our platform until the cancellation takes effect upon your next payment.

Right of withdrawal
Female Invest is a digital service where you have full access to our content immediately after your purchase. Since you can use our entire platform directly after you have completed your purchase, you hereby consent to waive your right of withdrawal upon creation of the membership.

You are able to read more about our Terms of Service here.

Why did you rebrand?

We have a clear vision for the future, that we want to build and it require a strong rapport with our community to get there. We acknowledge that this was not embodied in the current visual identity for our brand, nor in our tone of voice.

This means elevating our visual and verbal communication to be more bold, unapologetic and trustworthy  — a voice that captures a cultural moment in history where women are taking control to build the lives they want to lead. But in guiding our community to a life on their own terms, we will also continue being a light and safe space for them and humour will forever be a part of DNA. Luckily, we’re women. So we’re allowed to be complex.

We are committed to educating and empowering women to take control of their finances and to live life on their own terms.