We almost changed our name

Why? Because we recognise that having female in our name can feel excluding. And we want to be an inclusive brand. Our name should reflect a dynamic world where everyone is free to define themselves on their own terms. The decision to change our name — and equally so, the decision to keep it — did not come easily. We asked our community, our investors, our friends and family. We discussed it endlessly, voted on it internally and endured many sleepless nights because of it...

Being Female is provocative

Because to be a woman is provocative; how we dress, act and speak is continuously up for international scrutiny and debate. So, our focus on women, and anyone who identifies as such, remains firmly intact. And as long as this the reality we find ourselves in, and as long as the word “female” provokes, it will be necessary to keep it in our name.


The only problem is, the decision to keep it came after the book went into printing, which is why it says Rebelle Invest. But we wear this little piece of confusion as a badge of honor, because it is evidence of our commitment to being an inclusive brand.

Information is power

We believe that when it comes to building a sustainable financial future for yourself, information is power! And we wanted to make the basics of financial literacy accessible the way we would have wanted it to be accessible to us when we first started investing.

So we wrote this book for you, for our mission to close the financial gender gap and ultimately, for the collective to change the tides of power. One financially independent woman at a time.

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We are committed to educating and empowering women to take control of their finances and to live life on their own terms.