The Mission Behind Female Invest: "We're at the Forefront of Change"

Born out of frustrations in the financial world, we’re a community led movement where financial education and knowledge takes the spotlight. Welcome to Female Invest

Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen
March 15, 2024
At the current rate, it will take 267 years to close the financial gender gap. Which is why we’ve made it our mission to close it(Photo: Nick Fancher/Death to Stock)
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What would the world look like if women had more money? It’s simple - more choice, more freedom and more power. It’s this vision of the future which snowballed into the inception of Female Invest back in 2019, after frustrations built over the lack of accessible knowledge and tools for women who sought to take control over their finances. Complex jargon, lengthy explanations and dominated by men, there was little available information for the time-poor woman who dreamed of one crucial thing – freedom. That’s when we decided to do something about it. That’s when Female Invest was born. 

Our mission: in a nutshell

At the current rate, it will take 267 years to close the financial gender gap. Which is why we’ve made it our mission to close it and to create a world where everyone, regardless of their background, is empowered to live life on their own terms. 

Through educational knowledge and learning, we’ve made it our goal to mobilise and then empower women globally to join the movement and take action against financial gender inequality. 

Female Invest facilitates meaningful connections with and between our members, now and in the future (Image: Female Invest)

That’s why over the past few years, we’ve built a community of thousands of women changing the course of systemic injustice that stands in our way. We do this by creating meaningful connections with and between our members and creating a safe space for them to flourish financially, anytime and anywhere. 

An individual and collective mission, wrapped in one

That means shifting the tides of power both for the individual and collective. To the individual who simply wants to improve their finances, to the individual who wants to be at the forefront of meaningful change in the world, and to the individual who wants to build a life full of choice, with that comes collective impact. There’s power in that.

Setting women on the path to financial success through financial learning

Rooted in financial education, we’re the lifetime financial partner of women in 95+ countries worldwide. We know that financial freedom comes from knowing the ropes first, which is why we’ve created an unrivalled universe of learning and connection, where anyone and everyone can access the resources they need to build a healthy and long-lasting financial future for themselves. We believe that’s what our community deserves, which is why we guide them through the entire process with confidence and ease through our e-learning platform. 

We're shifting the tides of power both for the individual and collective.

Representing women from all walks of life

Women earn less, save less and are much less likely to invest – that’s a fact. And as we’ve evolved, our focus on women, and anyone who identifies as such, remains firmly intact. We’re also dedicated to representing women from all walks of life regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, political affiliation and so forth.

But does that mean men can join us too? Yes! Equally, this is a battle for everyone who feels left out of the conversation and allies alike. And if you don’t identify as a woman, that’s fine too. Because we believe greater power comes from allies joining the movement with us.

Community centred

That’s what makes us a community-led movement where women can learn, connect and grow together. Female Invest is committed to building online and in-person connections through our elevated community and in-person events, and it’s what we see as forming the basis of empowerment. Candid conversations, open questions and honest answers is where greater knowledge is formed. And with more collective knowledge, comes more collective power. 

We have a vision for a world world where everyone is given equal access to the lives they want to lead (Photo: Gemma Chua Tran/Unsplash)

A vision for the future

With every woman who invests their money and learns the tools to sustain it effectively, we get one step closer to beating the financial gender gap. A world where everyone is given equal access to the lives they want to lead – the power to be independent, and the power to prioritize what really matters. Because you can always make more money, but you can never get your time back.

A vision for your future

A life of freedom and choice comes from growing and sustaining your wealth. And not investing could cost you a fortune. On average, the stock market increases 8% every year. So if you started investing today, your money could grow significantly - and It’s probably more than you think.

Join the movement 

Female Invest is more than a community and e-learning platform – we’re a movement. Our empowered community is dedicated to shifting the tides of financial power, for both themselves and the collective by equipping themselves with the knowledge and tools to take financial matters into their own hands. And we welcome anyone to join the movement, wherever you are and whatever you do.

We know first-hand that investing and managing your finances can feel intimidating and isolating, which is why we’re building a community so we can all learn and grow in one open and honest space. If we can collectively empower more women in their day-to-day lives, just imagine what the world would look like.

With a Female Invest membership, you get access to resources and knowledge to take personal finance and investing matters to the next level. The exciting part? You stand at the forefront of meaningful change. 

So get in. We’re shifting the tides.


We are committed to educating and empowering women to take control of their finances and to live life on their own terms.